Seeking a compact CD Player with built-in speakers to live on top of the refrigerator in my kitchen. If you have a clean working unit from a non-smoking household, please let me know. Thanks!
I'm looking for exterior paint to paint playhouse. Would like at least 2 colors Thank youi
I will come and pick up or you can drop it off. Need old brooms for a project. Don't throw your old on away... I can use it!
Just relocated from Atlanta.Need furniture. Need bed, sofa, chairs, dressers, and TV. Thanks.
Renovating your kitchen and need to unload your cabinets? I d love to have them if you plan to discard.
My car died and I live too far out from my jobs for public transport, walking, or a bicycle. Need something to make it to and from work until I can afford a different living situation.
Need box springs for our old mattress. I also have an extra long twin set someone can have. We won t have room for it when we set up the king bed.
We are moving in a home with 2 small children that has baseboard heat & need a better more reliable heating source.Willing to travel to pick-up.Thanks in advance.
My name is Victoria Rodriguez I live at the Steadfast Shelter and I was reaching out in hopes of finding a bike and helmet for my self my children received bikes for Christmas from the angle tree and now I need one so we can be able to ride together as a family it would make there day to see me ride with them so if possible can someone help me please!! Thank you,and have a blessed and wonderful...
Looking for any camping gear for a family of 4 - sleeping bags, tents, survival items, etc. Willing to meet up in asheville and surrounding areas. Thanks in advance
I have two electric weed trimmers, both needing repair or replacement. missing part might be unavailable for Homelite, looks like...the other is Black n Decker but dont have money to repair right now.
Just moved into our first house, and wondering if anyone has an extra ~6foot step ladder?
Need a small digital recorder, handheld or lapel microphone that I can upload files to my computer. Thank you!