I'm just looking for a TV stand. My cats knock the DVD player off the table I'm using to keep my TV and stuff on. Doesn't have to be pretty, just needs to be big enough to hold a 32" TV. Thanks!
I'm in desperate need of a car. I'm homeless and jobless.
Does anyone out there have a printer they want to part with? We have an Intentional Community House that would greatly benefit from a functioning printer. Thanks and Blessings!
I'm looking for 2 trophies to make some gag gifts. Doesn't matter what they are for but I'd prefer on the smaller side.
I gave away my dog crate on freecycle last year, and now my husband is getting another dog. If you no longer need your crate, I need one to accommodate a 40 pound mountain cur. I will travel to pick up. Thanks.
You know those really simple metal rail ones that go under the bed? Usually they have wheels, and you don't see it at all when in use. That kind. Much appreciated if you've got one you don't need!
I would love to haul away your bagged leaves - deciduous leaves (not pine) for our compost pile and garden soil. If you see bags of leaves in your neighborhood, out by the curb waiting to be taken to the land fill, please contact me! Thank you! Gaya @ 928-581-9036.
I am just at looking for an old phone book to use for a project. It can be from any period.
I recently bought a new home and I have very little furniture. If you have any of accent chairs lying around I would love to take them off your hands! TIA!
I am looking for your fabric! Fabric of any pattern or color! Scraps or whole pieces/reems. Thanks!
looking for an old 40s or 50s china cabinet. just decent or better shape. thank you
Looking for a stove for a disabled friend who's been without for 2 months can meet in morganton only due to not having a vehicle.
I am needing chicken wire to expand my coop. I also need a wheel barrow, pitch fork and post hole diggers and a t post driver. Anything would be appreciated.
Requesting bubble wrap, preferably with larger sized bubbles, for insulating windows.
Hey! I am starting a massage practice and am looking for a table warmer, rolling stool, bolster, pretty fabrics, and maybe a noise maker. Many of my expenses are coming up front so I am hoping to find these items in alternative ways. Thank you!!
I have an older gentleman that is in need of a converter box. Tyia
Looking for scrap 2x4s to build greenhouse. Will come by and pick up.
Looking for bamboo you need to get rid of. Will pick up.