Items Wanted in Asheville, NC

85 items
I have a family in need of a oil Barrell and stand for a monator heater. Tyia
Any unpicked fruit (apples, pears, etc.). Will be happy to come by and pick, gather from ground and divide any produce (we have a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats), thanks.
We want to get rid of our old, worn queen bed and downsize to a newer, nice and firm double bed. Just mattress and box spring is ok, no need for a frame. Would really appreciate it!
I volunteer in the infant room at Eliada and they are in need of a baby stroller that carries multiple babies. Currently the one they have has no seat belts and cannot be used by infants.
We just built a chicken coop and would like to give it some color! Ideally we are looking for barn red, but we're open to other possibilities. Thanks for considering !!!
If you have last year's straw that has gotten wet and no longer good for your uses, please let me have some of it. I only want straw from Transylvania County to keep my drive short. thank you
If you upgrade your cell phone, I can give your old one a good home. :)
I have a stray adult cat that has adopted me. He will not come in the house. We have tried several times, he just goes to door and meows to go out. I need something to protect him from winter elements. Thank you in advance
Im looking for an older modeled old school van (working condition), an enclosed trailer, or a small transit van or bus. Commercial or non-commercial for either
Any unpicked fruit (apples, pears, etc.). Will be happy to come by and pick, gather from ground and divide any produce (we have a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats), thanks.
I'm looking for magazines for craft projects. Family type, people, sports, Time, country living.
If you have a pressure canner, even an old model that worked the last time you used it, but that you don't use anymore, please let me know.
Hey all. Really in need of a good firm full size mattress for roommate who has medical condition and needs firm support mattress. Thank you.
need some padding for a musical instrument project. i only need a piece 30" x 5", a few inches thick, but i'll take whatever i can find. thanks!!
If anyone has half a roll left over, or long pieces of chicken wire, or any other animal fencing I would be glad to take it off your hands. I'm looking to separate some of my chickens and I don't have enough wire to make an appropriate space for them.
I'm looking for outdoor fabric, preferably neutral or light colors. Yardage doesn't matter much as long as it's bigger than small scraps.
In need of 1 set of bookends, preferably heavy, for reference books. Thanks so much in advance
ISO 32"or larger tv. Doesn't have to be flat screen, but should be in good working order. Thx.
I have a bunch of gifts to ship out to some friends and family. I'm hoping someone has excess packaging material lying around that they don't need. I can come pick up at anytime if you do. Fingers crossed! Thanks!
My husband and I are getting ready to begin construction on a Cordwood Cabin on my parents' homestead. As with any project we do, we're trying to go the eco-friendly route and re-use any of the materials we can. Craigslist is proving helpful for finding trees that have already fallen, but I thought I would put a shout out on here for building materials. We're in need of: Old Doors Old Windows B...
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