Items Wanted in Asheville, NC

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Looking for a usable dresser. Tall and narrow. No more than 36" wide, up to 70" tall. Need something for my guest room. White would be great, but as long as it's functional I can refinish it.
Hi there! I choose to walk to work since I do not live far from my job. 'Have a pup who needs out during my 30 min. lunch break, so I would love to speed up the process! Perhaps you have a bike that is no longer being used? I would be eternally grateful; so I thank you in advance! =D
Looking for 2 popover pans. Usually each set will give you 6 popovers. Thanks so much!
Help! I gave away my new dog crate when we decided not to get a dog. Well, now I have found a dog I want. If you have a large dog crate that is not needed, I will gladly pick it up.
Disabled family needs useable and safe Wood stove for winter heat
Need a coffee table I can fit in my car with the seats let down. Sturdy, but not huge. Thx
I am looking for end tables, a largeish bookshelf, and some lamps for a co-op house.
I am looking for the wooden lincoln logs that we grew up with .... as many as you may have.. I will travel to pick up!!
In need of a couch that's in decent shape. Our dog ate our last couch, and we need a replacement!
Looking for a 40-50 gallon electric water heater, as well as sheetrock and insulation (R-19, R-25, and R-38)
Need two standard size entry doors. Need one that swings in and one that swings out, both left-hand. Also looking for windows for a mobile home, two 38x48 and three 28x38 (will double check measurements).
I need a place for my parents to sleep when they visit. I can pick up. I have a small budget for this so could pay for delivery as well.
Wanted: King size bed/mattress call or text Gary at 954-224-4023, thanks.
My old dryer decided it's had enough and refuses to work anymore, lol. Seeking full regular or large capacity basic electric clothes dryer. Thank you. =)
I'm alocal artist who whose message is sustainability. That being said I depend on the local communities unwannted goods to create art. This pallets/wood fence sections will be painted and the lass space between slates the better. Thank you
A tardiness is the thing Dr. Who time travels in. We are building a tools he'd out of mostly scrap wood, but person who promised me plywood backed out, so looking for 4 sheets of 4 by 8 exterior, or perhaps scraps large enough to piece something together. When done we'll offer free photos...
Any folding lawn chair in good condition
Any random large piece would be great!
I'm a local artist who truely belives in sustainability. I don't buy supplies, instead I use the communities waste. If you have paint(of any color/type) and are not going to use I'd gladly take it off your hands. Thank you and much love.
Looking for glass to lay atop straw bales as a makeshift greenhouse around winter greens in the garden. Need to get rid of any old windows? Thanks!
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